Warrington lockdown: Can I go to the tip under Covid rules?

WARRINGTON’S tips will be open for ‘essential trips only’ during the third lockdown.

Stockton Heath, Gatewarth and Woolston recycling centres are open but, as part of the government’s ‘stay at home’ message, people are being asked to safely store waste at their property where possible. Bin collections are as normal if you can fit waste or recyclable items in there.

If you do need to visit the tip, you will also need to go on your own unless you have a blue badge.

A statement on Warrington Borough Council’s website said: “Please only visit our sites if you have an essential need to dispose of household waste.

“There will be strict restrictions and traffic management in place on site, so we’d ask you to only travel to the recycling centre if any of your household waste cannot be safely stored at home.”

These are the updated rules:

  • Access by car only. Vans, vehicle trailers or commercial type vehicles will require a recycling permit.
  • Only one person is allowed per car, unless you are a blue badge holder – in which case you can have one other person in your car with you
  • Due to social distancing restrictions, staff cannot help with unloading or lifting items, so only take to the tip what you can safely dispose of yourself
  • All types of household waste/recyclables are being accepted
  • Expect queues due to a one-in, one-out system
  • To help prevent people travelling to the sites from outside Warrington, evidence of your address will be needed
  • Social distancing rules must be observed at all times

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