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Known for an abundance of wide open spaces and natural resources that attract an impressive variety of wildlife and bird species, Explore Butte County encourages local residents to venture outdoors in the next few weeks to see, discover and celebrate the winter birding season in a safe and socially distanced way.

The winter timing is key as millions of migratory birds representing hundreds of species use the great Pacific Flyway – that stretches from the Bering Strait off the coast of Alaska to the southernmost tip of South America – which makes Butte County a rich and accessible bird watching spot along the way.

To help nurture novice and experienced birding enthusiasts alike, known as “birders” who are more passionate than average bird watchers, Explore Butte County in partnership with the Altacal Audubon Society offers several helpful, fun and free resources, a few of which are outlined below.

Birding webpage

To celebrate feathered friends and simplify how the community can map out a plan to see many of the more than 300 resident and migratory birds in the region, Explore Butte County – with the help of involved partners and aviary experts – is proud to showcase key information on its user-friendly website that includes details about top bird viewing spots, helpful tips, guest articles, links to recent stories, and much more. To get started on a birdie adventure, the community is encouraged to visit


A free and information rich birding brochure is available for download that highlights a list of easy-to-find bird watching sites along with pictures and descriptive information about 15 migratory birds that can typically be seen in Butte County during migratory season. The helpful brochure provides suggested stops all throughout Butte County, from Gray Lodge State Wildlife Area in Gridley to Jonesville Snowmobile Park just east of Cherry Hill Campground on Humboldt Road, and numerous places in between. The “Explore Birding” brochure is available at

Photography contest

In addition to exploring the amazing avian wonders throughout the region, birders can enter for a chance to win coveted prizes as part of a photography contest via social media offered by Explore Butte County. To enter, the community is encouraged to post favorite birding photos on their individual social media platforms and tag #BirdButteCA. Explore Butte County will review and select one winner each month, who will receive a valuable Butte County themed prize package valued more than $250.

“With the holidays upon us, the breathtaking foliage scenery all around us, and plenty of quality time to spend with our immediate families, we invite the community to embrace the beauty of birding in Butte County this winter,” said Carolyn Denero, executive director. “In addition to the amazing outdoor and avian related experiences that await, we hope everyone makes a concerted effort to support local along the way and as often as possible.”

For more information, visit or follow on social media. A comprehensive and downloadable travel guide is available at

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