‘You have to be desperate and wealthy to fly from next Monday’, says Heathrow boss

International travel will have to be limited in order for life to get back to normal after the vaccine programme has been rolled out, a senior public health expert has said.

Prof Devi Sridhar told Radio 4’s Today programme there was globally “a turn towards saying do we want to use our vaccine… to be able to get back to normal life, which means normal schooling, fully open and crowded restaurants and bars, gyms and fitness studios, live festivals, large spectator sports, but the cost is restricted movement internationally.” 

Quarantine hotels should be brought in for all destinations, not just the 33 hotspot countries, as was the case in other countries, she said. 

“We were trying to have it all, but in doing so you end up having nothing”, she added.

The “Achilles heel of vaccine efforts” was that Covid would “always be circulating out there somewhere”, particularly given the mutations. 

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